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Monthly boxes with fun goodies every month researched by our experts ensure you save money . Additionally the group buy deals help us pass on the volume discounts to you.

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We conduct regular polls and seek your suggestions for products you would like to see in Group buys . We only bring you those group buys which You really want . Your feedback is essential.

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Monthly Boxes with the choicest of selections tried and tested by our experts . Boxes sent to your doorstep at no extra cost to you. Read the rave reviews of our boxes for an idea of what your are missing.

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VIP Membership

VIP Membership
$199.00 for 1 year

VIP Membership

VIP Membership
$199.00 for 1 year
  • 5” Glass
  • 8 Packs of WRAPS
  • Clipper®️
  • Socks
  • RAW®️ Tips
  • RAW®️ Cones 3pk
  • RAW®️ Rolling Papers
  • 109mm Plastic Tube Preroll Case
  • KINGPALM®️ 🌴
  • This is the perfect box for anyone looking to gather everything they need to restock, go on a trip, or even if your just getting started! Each box comes with glass that would make you say “WOW” in your local head shop. The glass alone has an average retail value of $50! So why not pick up a new piece you’ll LOVE, and enjoy the 16-20 items as icing on the cake!

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The only thing more fun than getting a package full of surprise goodies in the mail is getting a package full of surprise weed goodies in the mail. Yep, we’re talkin’ marijuana subscription boxes, which deliver a new assortment of cannabis-themed items every month.

Reasons to become a VIP DrGreenClub Member:

As if you needed a reason, but just in case you do, here are a few of the top reasons why you should immediately subscribe to a marijuana box.

  • Always have fun weed items on hand
  • Lets you explore and try new things
  • Huge savings on all the items in the box

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